Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weight Loss

Sitting here watching my favorite TV show . . . Biggest Loser.  All I can think about is how much I miss working out like I used to.  I'm thinking about my fitness goals.  I'm thinking about how I want to do it.  I'm thinking about how I want to be out there running, lifting again, doing classes at the gym.  But then I just keep thinking about how I'm not.  How whenever I get ready to go Kaia gets fussy or hungry, how when she hasn't, the day/night before was so rough that I'm so exhausted I can barely drag my butt off the chair for more than taking care of my baby or cleaning the house.  I think about how my favorite thing to do to make myself feel better and feel good about myself has always been working out.  I think about how the only other thing that really has made me feel that way is food.  I think how it sucks that food is so much easier to access right now and how I feel like I am relying on it more to keep my spirits lifted.  I think about how it's a double edged sword though because even though it makes me feel better short term, long term it only makes me feel worse. 

One of my friends told me about P90X this weekend and how it really is a great workout, one you do from home in your own living room.  I think how that's probably a little bit more doable for me right now.  So, I'm thinking about it, seriously.  I know it's shelling out more money but if it works it's worth it.  Sigh, we'll see.  I'm thinking about another version by the same trainer though because I feel like it's more up my alley.  It's called Insanity.  If I order it, and do it, I will definitely let you all know how it works for me.

For tonight, back to watching other people trying to get to that happy weight place from my comfy chair.  One way or another, tomorrow I WILL work out!


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