Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Rocked!

Friday was fabulous!  First off, Kaia slept and slept and slept.  This meant that Mommy got to sleep, and sleep, and sleep, leaving her feeling well rested for the first time in quite awhile.  Then I got to meet with someone about changing my Reserve Unit.  It went well which left me extra happy and excited because I'll be able to do my actual job again AND I'll be closer to home meaning less travel and less time away from baby.  Yay!

Then we all headed out to the beach for a short weekend vacation.  It's nice to get away for a couple of days and not have to stress about anything.  (Also, as I am typing this, Kaia is watching a cute little cartoon and the little animals are laughing which is making her laugh - too cute!)

Yesterday was my fabulous niece's birthday.  Daddy's birthday is right around the corner and Kaia gave him his birthday present early.  He loved it!  Today's got big shoes to fill; I hope it measures up!


Cassiopeia said...

Kaia is a beautiful name! She sounds like a wonderful baby - the ones who let mama sleep are so precious!

Jamie said...

Sleeping babies are priceless! All three of our little ones love sleeping which makes for a happy mommy...because I LOVE sleeping too! Hope you have a wonderful week and thank-you for your encouraging posts on my blog!!!
Beneath the Acacia Tree

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Thank you so much! It was harder than I thought it would be to choose a girl name! And she is precious to sleep so well . . . though I should have knocked on wood or something because now she's waking up again every 2 1/2 - 4 1/2 hours. Guess she's getting ready to grow again!

Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal said...

So glad you had a great weekend! Kaia is such a beautiful name!

Stopping by to say thank you for visiting A New Kind of Normal and being a part of my SITS day! It totally rocked my face off!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Haha, no, thank you for stopping by to see me here! So glad that your SITS day turned out so awesome! You deserved to have a GREAT one!

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