Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great and Terrible

Today was a combination of great and terrible.  It started out great.  Kaia was a jewel to her mother.  She slept for 9 hrs last night.  Amazing - (great)!  Then it was time to get ready for the day.  Does it take anyone around two hours most mornings to even get downstairs?

Phone calls to make appointments came next.  Ran in for a quick flu shot (yay for not getting sick!)  Back home for a quick lunch.  Before I knew it, it was time to go, go, go.  Jersey and Kiyoshi had a vet appointment . . . $500 (terrible)!  From there I was off to my eye appointment.  New glasses may be the answer to more headaches recently (great)!  But the price of the lenses, almost $300 (terrible)!

Back home to get ready for hubby's birthday dinner, Thai downtown (great)!  Home again to one of our favorite shows, The Office, and some birthday dessert (great)!  Of course I was feeling bad and knew I couldn't not work out again so tried out my new video, Jackie Xtreme Timesaver Training, great workout!  Terrible feeling!  My legs were so shaky, too many squats and lunges for my liking but I'm going to try and hang twice a week.  Kaia literally laughed at me/it while I was sweating it out.

Now it's finally time for bed after I post.  Hubby's bday as of midnight (great)!  Day hubby has to leave us . . . terrible doesn't even accurately describe it.


Courtney K. said...

My husband left for school on our Anniversary...he missed that, mothers day, my birthday and he'll miss our sons birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Deployment sucks. So sorry you have to say goodbye to him.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Yay for a mostly fantastic day. I'm sorry that hubby had to leave.

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Thanks Courtney, I guess I should be happy about all the things he wont miss. He was here for my bday and he'll be back for Kaia's so in that way we lucked out! Elizabeth, thank you, there were a lot of fantastic things weren't there. Having all you ladies' support definitely helps!

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