Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy, Busy

As I am sure we are all, despite the summer season.

The last two weeks was long hours of work.  Though I am off again now and delighted to be so.  I also had to take my first, and hopefully only, defensive driver's course.  For shame, I know.  People, do not speed, these painful classes are not worth the time you save.  Also, really, we live in a scary world.  Ignore people with road rage.  Do not get involved with such drama.  Let them win.  They could just be that crazy person who seriously will follow you to your destination and run you over in the parking lot or take out the gun in his gun rack to shoot you. 

So, wonderful, wonderful Kat over at Tenaciously Yours gifted me, through a giveaway, one of the greatest gifts ever!  It's a cookbook titled "Nigella Kitchen; Recipes From the Heart of the Home"  I've just finished flipping through it all.  I've been so inspired!  Even by the dishes I know aren't probably up my alley.  It all just looks delicious.  And, my thought was of Julie & Julia.  I want to do something similar with this cookbook.  I want to cook my way through it.  I'm sure, unlike Julie, I will skip a few recipes here and there, and I have no delusions that I will get through it in 365 days but . . . I really do want to get through it, to cook more, have more variety here at the house, less of the plain salads, sandwhiches, burgers, spaghetti, that I am always fixing for myself and my poor family.  Variety is the spice of life, so I hear, no?  I have other cookbooks I should probably work my way through too, but this one has such a delightful looking variety, and it was such a generous gift I think I will have to start here.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Keep your fingers crossed I actually follow through . . .

Now off to catch up on what I've been missing out in your lives the past couple of weeks!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

5K Saturday & Sick Baby

Yesterday morning was wonderful!  Kaia, Todd, and I ran a 5K for wounded warriors.  I was soooo proud of our community yesterday.  My gym and another organization paid to put everything together, including snacks and t-shirts after and wonderful volunteers worked the race for free so that all proceeds went to the wounded warrior project.  Over 1000 racers came out and there were some genorous donors.  I believe they said over $70K was raised!  Yay!

But then yesterday evening my poor angel spiked a temp.  She hit up to 102 and was understandably upset and uncomfortable and had a hard time sleeping.  Baby tylenol was super helpful and baby's feeling a bit better this morning but were still not there yet.  Keep fingers crossed for her to feel better soon please!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Friday, June 3, 2011


Hi everyone!  Sorry I've been gone again for so long without a peep.  I realized I didn't mention the fam and I were headed on a little vacay.

We are back now.  It was quite lovely acutely, minus me getting sick anyway.  We picked up my stepson, Aidan, on the way, visited a dear old friend and her family in NY, visited my alma mater, and finished off in the great city of DC. 

We were in DC on Memorial Day which is a special day for us so we went to Arlington Cemetery.  It was my second time there and it's just such an amazing place.  It was Todd's first visit though and I think he was impressed too.  We planned on doing a bit more site seeing but with heat warnings and a precious baby we didn't stay out too long this time.  But . . . there will definitely be a next time!

Oh, and ladies, please, if you ever, ever go to DC for any reason, you MUST hit up the infamous Georgetown Cupcakes (or some of you may know them as DC Cupcakes from the TLC show) they really are the best cupcakes I've ever had in my life!  We bought a dozen and there wasn't a bad one in the bunch.  I think my very favorite was the german chocolate.

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?  Anything special?  Off to check your blogs now!


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