Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloggy Fail

Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting again though I fear I dont deserve it.  I apologize for not visiting and commenting like I would like.  I think I have to accept bloggy defeat for the time being.  I just cant keep up with all that's going on right now.  I will still try and swing by to visit you whenever I can.  And, if all goes well, hopefully, I'll get back with some regularity over the summer.

Now, before I go, shout outs of thanks and lots of love to: Susan, Liz, Devan, Jessica, Colleen, Kelly, Melissa, Selby, Ameena, Elizabeth, Mamabear, Courtney, Alicia, Anne, Anastasia, Kat, Libby, Sara, and Mandi words cannot express how blessed I feel to have met you, even if most of you only through blogging.  You are some fabulous women.  Thank you for putting up with me, for commenting, and helping me get through some pretty tough, lonesome days.  I've really enjoyed getting to know you.  Thank you for uplifting words, awesome recipes, great advice, and Sara, thank you for helping me figure out the cat on Skype!  Again, you all really are the best!  Hugs!   (If I missed anyone, I am so sorry, I promise I love you just as much!)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

8 Months

My darling is actually almost 8 1/2 months now and I haven't posted about her changes and growth since 6 months.  Bad Mommy.

Kaia is getting more beautiful every day.  She truly is a "good" baby and I know I'm lucky.  She's still a tiny little thing (though healthy) she's in the 25% for her age/size.  She's wearing a size three diaper but by weight could still fit in size 2.  She's wearing her 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes but still wears a couple shirts and a jacket that is 3-6 months (I told you she was tiny people).

There are still no teeth in site but she's doing well eating.  She's tried all her fruits and veggies, chicken, turkey, and baby yogurt.  Squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce, and peaches are her favorite.

Kaia's on video #3 for Your Baby Can Read.  She watches her sign video everyday.  Sometimes, to her Mommy's utter delight, she says Mamama.

She sits well.  She held herself in a standing position holding her jumper for a couple seconds the other day.  She rolls to her hearts content but does not crawl yet.

She loves the things that most babies do but her favorite things?  Sippy cups, paper, plastic, holding the diaper cream when she's getting her diaper changed, and typing love notes to her Daddy when she talks to him on Skype.  If anyone knows how the heck you get a kitty to appear on Skype let us know because Kaia figured out how to do it but her Daddy and I can't figure it out to save our lives.  We think she may be hinting at something early.

Oh, and Kiyoshi's feet, aka paws.  She loves those!  Totally strange right?


Monday, March 7, 2011

Managing Dreams as a Married, Sometimes Single Mother

I love being a mother.  I have been blessed with the most beautiful daughter, who is also a mild tempered baby most of the time.  I have been able to manage being a single mother for the past several months while Todd's been away much better than I thought I would (which I wasn't sure I could do at all) and, at the same time, also less gracefully than I could wish for at times too.

Sometimes I get frustrated.  Sometimes I talk to my best friend on the phone and become jealous of her freedom.  Freedom to go out to the movies, snowshoeing, running, anywhere and do anything at any time. 

I get jealous of some of the other kids at school, even some of the other women who's children are older.  They have more time to study.  More flexibility to schedule tests and extra time at school if they need it.

Then yesterday I was searching online looking up information on post bachelors programs, I want to be a nurse practitioner.  There are some AMAZING programs out there.  And then I got a bit frustrated that many of the programs are impossible for me.  I cannot move for school.  I am a wife and mother first, no matter how good a program may be.  No matter how much better it specifically fits my goals.

Then I talk to another friend and I am jealous again.  She's going out to dinner and a movie with her husband.  Sigh, it must be nice.

I know this seems like a negative post, but it isn't.  Wait for the silver lining.  I do get jealous.  I imagine we all do?  The grass is always greener somewhere.  We could always have more money, more freedom, more friends.  But, I am also so grateful for what I have.  I wouldn't trade Todd or Kaia for a mansion, money, or the freedom to go to any college I wanted (or could get into ;). 

It all just means I have to be more creative.  Work harder.  Love more deeply.  And learn how to manage my dreams as a married, sometimes single mother, with as much grace as I can muster.

I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed week!


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