My Family

I have one handsome, loving, and supportive husband, Todd.  We met back in 2006, started dating in February of 2008, got married in February of 2009, and had our first beautiful baby girl this summer.  Todd and I both grew up as mid-westerners but we moved out to the East Coast this past May for Todd's new job.  Todd is a fantastic handy man, a wonderful provider, and yes ladies, he even cooks and cleans!  He's an amazing man who I love with all my heart.

Little miss Kaia is a bundle of happiness, smiles, and pure joy.  She is the most precious and perfect baby.  I could never have dreamed this little angel up.  She started sleeping through the nights early for her Momma.  She is not much of a crier except when she's hungry or sleepy.  She hates sleeping!  She loves people, silly sounds, and her Momma and Daddy.  She's growing so fast and learning new things every day.  I hope you'll enjoy watching her grow as much as I do.

Jersey is our oldest "puppy" and very neurotic.  Todd rescued him from the shelter when he was a puppy several years ago before we even met.  He's a lovable chocolate lab mix who is claustrophobic and afraid of too many things to list.

Kiyoshi, "the middle child," is an energetic Shiba Inu.  He's been with his Momma, Me, since he was a baby.  He was well socialized at an early age since I brought him to work with me everyday for the first few months of his life.  He loves people and other dogs but detests cats.  He is, unfortunately, a crazy escape artists and too smart for his own good.

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