Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making Friends

My beautiful little girl is going to be one of the popular girls, a mother can see these things early on.  She LOVES talking already.  When she gets going you would swear she must be speaking a foreign language you don't have the privilege of knowing.  It's not just to Mommy and Daddy though, she also LOVES talking on the phone.  She gets so excited when Daddy or Grandma calls and I put them on speaker for her.

Then, there are her friends.  Neither Daddy or I can see them, but they hang out somewhere near the top curtain line in the living room.  Sometimes she'll sit propped up on my knees and stare up at them.  They must be funny, these friends, because they like to make Kaia giggle.  Whatever/whoever they are, I like to think guardian angels maybe, I'm grateful they make her happy.

Oh, I almost forgot!  There is also her impecable sense of style.  

On another note I have now worked out two days in a row - three-ish miles with Kaia, a few push-ups & sit-ups.  I'm sore from yesterday, particularly the butt and legs.

Tomorrow starts a short vacation.  Yay!


The Blue Zoo said...

I love the sound of babies talking! =)

Anne said...

That's very cute! My 6 year old has a super active imagination. I had two imaginary friends when I was growing up and I still remember talking about them! Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a comment. I'm a new blogger, too and every comment is so appreciated!
You now have 14 followers!

City Mom said...

Great post. My daughter too is VERY social and talkative. She's almost 3 now and talks a mile a minute.

We have started using Skype on our PC for her to talk to people like Grandmas & Grandpa so she can see them and hear them!

She also likes to sit at my vanity table and do her hair and 'make-up'. It's so cute to see isn't it?

City Mom said...

I don't know if my original comment showed up or not...had problems with the word verification...

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by and liked this post.

You have a new follower!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Thank you all for the comments ladies! And thank you even more for checking out my blog! It warms my heart to have you follow or even just drop in. You all are amazing! Just like your blogs! Great idea on the Skype! We'll have to do that with Daddy soon while he's deployed.

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