Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is the day the Lord has Made

Let us rejoice and be glad.  Thank you Lord for getting me through my long day yesterday.  Please be with me as I go through my day today.  Yesterday I was up at 4am for work, today I got to sleep in until 5am!

I don't know what the worst part is, waking up, staying up, driving, being with a bunch of obnoxious people, or being away from my husband and baby for almost the whole weekend.  The combination is too much!

I watched the premiere of Sister Wives on TLC last Sunday.  It's about a Mormon family in Utah with three wives, thirteen kids, a girlfriend (with three kids), and one husband/boyfriend.  The first thing I said to my husband when I saw the preview was, "How is this a T.V. show?  That's illegal."  But, it aired, and I watched.  First of all, I'm not buying that whole happy, happy act they were all putting on.  Sure, I could buy the husband's happy but the three wives?  I don't think so.  I suppose TLC achieved their purpose though.  I am fascinated by these people's lives and have more questions than answers.  Alas, my questions may remain unanswered though.  My fabulous cousin texted me yesterday to the big news announcement, "Police announce they've begun an investigation for a possible felony charge of bigamy against stars of Sister Wives.  TLC had no comment."  Shucks!  Didn't see that one coming!

Happy Sunday everyone!  Weekly stats coming soon . . .   


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