Friday, October 29, 2010


Slowly, I'm starting to study to get my personal trainer's certificate.  I think it's something I'd really enjoy.  Even more now that I'm a new Mom.  I feel, and have read from others of you who are struggling, that fitness is even harder as a new mother (or mother at all!).  I would really love to focus on women's health and fitness.  So many of us lack confidence in our body image.  We always put everyone else first.  Sometimes we just get intimidated and don't know where to start.  But fitness is so important!  Not to make us skinny.  Just healthier and happier.  Did you know exercise has been proven to lower symptoms of depression?

I would LOVE to get programs together that work for Moms (working moms, SAHMs, WAHMs. all moms).  I want to develop a community eventually.  Because that's what it's all about!  You are more likely to stick to a program when you have support!  And, besides, I'm all about paying it forward!

Some ideas I have are:

1.  Community, community, community (a place where women can feel comfortable asking whatever they need/want and where they can link up with a friend - or friends! - like them, to do joint workouts together)

2.  Develop more programs that mothers and daughters (or sons!) can do together.  Maybe even get Dads involved!

3.  Offer them at times that are reasonable for everyone, not just early mornings!

4.  Put together races and tris that can be done with baby!  (Baby in stroller, bike trailer, - swim probably going to have to be Mommy solo)

5.  More prenatal options that fit the individual woman's current fitness level and health

6.  Make it more affordable.  Design programs that fit/work for every budget.

What ideas do you have?  What has kept you, as a woman, as a mother, from working out now or in the past?  I'd love your honest feedback!



Anne said...

It' s always about time. Which sounds lame. But there it is. Before I had kids I worked out before work and sometimes even after work - I had endless energy. But now, I'm exhausted! I've been thinking about getting up 30 minutes earlier to get in a quick 20 minute workout every morning. That way, if I don't get to my walk later I will still have exercised. And that will make me feel virtuous and healthier (:

I Was Just Thinking said...

You. Are. Supermom. Thanks for our evening out tonight. I'm sorry President Obama gave us all that drama. hahaha

Julia said...

ok, girl... first of all, thank you for stopping by on my feature day!!! second of all.... omg, are we like sisters??? holy crap!! i'm not a personal trainer... ok, i guess i am. i'm a certified strength and conditioning coach. i left the college field to work with elementary middle and high school kids. and i have a few PT clients. ummm... you have some awesome ideas!!! seriously. chat with me. i ran a program over the summer called mommy & me and it was for mom (or dad) and kids ages 3-6. it was awesome!! anywho, get in touch with me!! we can talk ideas.

i'm a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE advocate for women's fitness, especially weight training where women are often afraid. ok, longest comment ever... i'm done.

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Not lame at all Anne, true. I like your early morning workout idea. I hope it does make you feel good!

Aw, not quite silly pants, but thank you! He did making getting home a challenge. How rude!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Thanks Julia, sisters for sure :) Would love to chat with you some more and get educated by someone who's already doing it!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Wow, it really sounds like you've got something here.=)

Offering a flexible schedule and a sense of community is really crucial, and I'm so glad that you are going in that direction.

In the past, I've never had a big enough block of time that I felt like it would be worth it for me to go to the gym for just 10-20 minutes. That's been the biggest challenge for me.

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Elizabeth, that's so true! The to and from gym can be the biggest challenge! What if exercise came to where you were at? Like at somewhere a lot of women work or at their kids school? Places you go anyway?

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