Friday, October 22, 2010

Dogs & Exercise

You've met all the members of my family now, at least briefly, except Kiyoshi.  Kiyoshi has been with me the longest.  He's a Shiba Inu, if you're not familiar, Shiba Inus are a Japanese dog, almost identical to an Akita in appearance, only smaller.  Kiyoshi is loyal and overly friendly.  He is also, as 99.9% of all Shiba Inus are, an escape artist.  He finds his way out of leashes, collars, yards (yes, fenced ones), and houses.  And let me tell you, he is also fast, not fastest human fast but think cheetah fast.  Once he's off and running there are only three ways to catch him.  One, catch him when he stops to poop.  Two, run over to the car, open the back door for him and shout, "Yosh, want to go for a ride in the car?!"  Riding in the car is his ultimate favorite!  I don't know what it is.  Generally, he is not interested in coming back for a treat.

The last means of retrieving Yoshi will be revealed in this recent story.  Two days ago Kaia and I took both doggies out to go potty.  Before leaving, I double checked Kiyoshi's leash, collar, and attachment and we headed out.  All was going well, both dogs did their business, Kiyoshi even pooped.  Just after completing poop scooping detail we get ready to head home.  But, in that same instant a key change is made and Houdini is off his leash.  He takes one smirking look back and then he's off.  Well, he's already pooped so I'm not catching him that way.  My car is also too far away to be of any use and besides, I don't have my keys anyway.  So I watch him run for a moment, gauge where he is going, . . . straight towards and across (thankfully) the busy highway of course.  Where else would you expect a thrill seeking dog to go?  Duh!

I then deposit Jers back in the house and Kaia in her car seat.  We jump in the car and get a call from a lady at the gas station across the way.  "Do you own Kiyoshi?"  Sigh, yes, that's me.  OK, I have him over at the Amoco.  We pull in and there's my little buddy being held by an attendant with a Styrofoam cup of water in front of him.  I load Kiyoshi in the car and the lady says, "I was pumping gas and he just runs right up and jumps on me and the car, my dog was in the backseat.  I figured another customer probably didn't even realize he got out of their car so I took him to the store and open the door to ask if he belongs to anyone and he gets loose and starts running around the store.  Of course they tell me whoa! no dogs allowed in here but next thing you know everyone's like, aw bring him some water!"  Yes people, Kiyoshi is cute and remember, overly friendly - thanks to my superb socialization of this dog, who I used to take to work with me as a puppy.  And thus, the last way to catch him, hope someone that is not you or a member of your family is outside.  If this happens, he runs straight into their arms and makes a new best friend.

And, on to the exercise topic.  Short and sweet since Kiyoshi's story was longer than I intended.  I bought a home gym and elliptical.  Perhaps by November I will be working out better without excuses.  Of course, I will keep you posted.  I apologize for not posting stats this week but have been too depressed since I can't work out due to the broken foot.


Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Seriously, please, let's have some doggy pictures. Need to take a look at some cute pooches. Even the escape artist ones.

How long before you can exercise on your foot? Is there anything you do that makes it feel better?

Don't get discouraged. Can't wait to hear how the home gym/ elliptical works out for you. That was smart, by the way, to get equipment you could use at home so you don't have to lug everyone and everything to the gym.

Paula {Simply Sandwich} said...

Oh my goodness - I am exhausted! I have puppy and our biggest fear is him getting out and about because I know we will never catch him!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Haha, ok, Elizabeth, I'll try and post some pics of the little devils soon. I'm not sure when I can exercise again yet. I go back to the Doc on Monday so we'll see what he has to say. I'm soooo excited for the new gym though! Thanks for the encouragement! The one thing I will miss about the gym for sure though is motivation from people around me.

Paula, I hope your new puppy doesn't ever get out and run off on you. If he does, maybe treats will work for him - fingers crossed!

Luciana said...

Dogs are amazing and nice friends for walking.... Stopping by from SITS...

Rachel said...

Yeah, can you post their pics? I love dogs, but my lifestyle isn't conducive to keeping one. :( Stopping by from SITS!

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