Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunshine Saturday

Today I am thankful for my beautiful friends and my lovely family. 

Last night was a tough one on me.  Todd officially left country, though he has been gone from home for a week before that, last night.  I was a mess.  Depressed might be an understatement.  Of course Kaia keeps me afloat on the daily.  Her little smiles - and need of food and diaper changes of course - keep me from going to bed and not getting out, even for showers.  But, my friends and family also help keep me going too.

My Mom calls me whenever she can now so that I don't feel lonely.  Despite my not being a "phone person" we manage to talk for hour long stretches half the time now.  My sister is also trying to help out when she can with phone calls - she's a super busy Momma too with three of her own.  My Mother-in-Law is a sweetheart and likes to call in to check up on us too.  And my bestie, Nicole, is always perfect with texts and phone calls to cheer me up.  Today, Kaia and I had a delightful day out with our friend Karen.  Thank you Karen for our lovely, beautiful, afternoon!

Of course, I talk to Todd whenever I can.  Every little bit helps but nothing is ever the same as having my other half here.
Now, there is you!  Yes, you, reading this right now!  You are all becoming my friends every day as you learn more about me and I learn more about you.  Thank you so much for the comments!  They too are little buoys that help keep me afloat.  I look forward every day to reading your blogs.  I look forward to reading your comments on mine.  I look forward to feeling a connection to people I don't "know."  Is that weird?  Of course I'd love to meet you all in person too but all of your fabulousness is spread across the country!  I wonder what it's like to meet a bloggy friend in person.  Do any of you know?  I'm sure it's cool and "normal like" if you meet a bloggy friend at bloggy boot camp or something but what about for coffee or lunch?  Is it awkward?  Like a first date kind of?  Do you think you meet and then love each other less?  Or do you love each other more?  Is it a sustainable friendship?  Or can it be lost easily because it started out as a virtual comittment free friendship?  Would my bloggy friends be put off by my real life appearance in jeans or yoga pants - daily people, not just once in awhile?  Or my lack of ability to wear make-up and do my hair?  Or in some ways is a bloggy friend a better friend than some you'd meet in your day to day life because they know so many more of your inner thoughts and secrets because you're always spilling the beans here and have less of a filter?

Does anyone else think these things?  Ask these questions about their bloggy friends?  Do you ever want to meet your bloggy friends in person?  Or is part of the appeal to a bloggy friend that you never have to?


OurLittleBlessingS said...

I love my bloggy friends deeply. Ive only met one in person, amd i plan on meeting two more in the near future. My experience is this, if you are real on your blog, there wont be many surprises. Yes, my bloggy friends dont know every.single.thing about me, but they know my heart, my values and i think thats whats important. You'll get that deep connection within blogworld, it may take awhile, but you will. And you will cherish those friendships and itll feel like you never lived your life without them. ;)
Happy saturday!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

i love getting to know women through their blogs. A lot of women I know in "real life" are not as open or honest and screen a lot of their true thoughts and feelings. I feel like the blog version of someone is so much more honest and refreshing.

If I ever had the chance to meet a blogging friend, I would gladly take it. I think it's so wonderful to already have such an intimate and honest connection with someone over the web and then meet and "catch up" like two friends who haven't heard from each other since.....yesterday.=)

I'd be a little nervous that the friendship might not be sustainable, but I hear stories all the time about men and women who live long distance and fall in love through letters or phone calls and the actual meeting is so natural. I would compare new friendships via the internet to be the same thing....hopefully.

I'm glad so many people are rallying around you!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Yay! Thanks ladies! I was just curious because, frankly, I think it would be so fun and refreshing to meet a bloggy friend for coffee.

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