Sunday, January 9, 2011


Kristen at eatdrinkloveandexercisedotcom tagged me for a survey so I thought it might be a fun and easy blog post for a busy Sunday.  I've been cleaning and baking all day!  And getting ready for class, or at least I hope I'm ready - I still want to puke whenever I think about it, and yes, I realize it totally is not that serious, but I can't help it!.

Here goes:

*Four TV shows I watch:
1. Biggest Loser
2. Extreme Home Makeover
3. The Office
4. And a lot of crap "reality" TV, like The Bachelor

*Four Things I'm Passionate About
1. Todd aka The Hubs
2. Kaia aka My Mini Me
3. Helping People
4.  Do I have to pick 4?  My friends, running, eating/baking, the U S of A

*Four Words or Phrases I use too Much
1. Dammit Jers! (Jers is my Todd's "special" dog)
2. Nom, nom nom and Ahhh (encouraging Kaia to eat)
3. I was reading this one blog and [insert fascinating story here]
4. I love you!  (But you can NEVER say this too much in my opinion!)

*Four Things I Learned in the Past
1. Some of God's greatest gifts really ARE unanswered prayers
2. True love Does exist
3. Education is everything
4. Helping someone else is always worth it

*Four Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Todd coming home!
2. Kaia continuing to grow and develop into her beautiful little self
3. Becoming a nurse
4. The summer

*Four Things I Like About Winter
1. Cute coats
2. Cute boots
3. How pretty and clean the snow makes everything look
4. Snow days!

I'm supposed to pass this on to four ladies but I don't want anyone to feel obligated and I want anyone who wants to to join in the fun.  So please, if it strikes your fancy, join in, I'd love to learn more about you too!



Mamabear said...

great list!! I'm a reality TV junkie too. Have you seen bridalplasty! A new low....and I love it.

Anne said...

Khara, I wanted to wish you lots and lots of luck tomorrow on your first day back in school. I hope it's a great day! Glad that the sleep training is going okay! After my babies started sleeping I had terrible insomnia, but my sleep came back to me eventually.
I love reality TV, too, although I've been spending so much time blogging I haven't been watching. Amazing Race and American Idol are my 2 faves and sometimes I watch The Bachelor.

Anastasia said...

we say nom nom all the time at home. The baby will make growly noises back at us.

Colleen said...

That is so interesting to read! It's fun to learn a bit more about you.:) Your family and friends seem to cone first with you and that is a lovely quality!

I hope your class goes really well, you will be fabulous!!!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh so much fun! I am with you on unanswered prayes- I could go on and on about prayers not answered that ended up being the best thing for us! I like the bachelor too! yikes!

blueviolet said...

I love snow days too! There's just something magical about that!

I skipped a couple seasons of The Biggest Loser but I started watching it again this time. :)

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Sweet Khara, just popping over to wish you luck on your first day of school. Rock it!

Kat said...

No worries about the picture, lady!

Four TV Shows I watch:
1. glee
2. Biggest Loser (addicted)
3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
4. Millionaire Matchmaker

Thanks for sharing all of those fun facts with us!

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

I LOVE the biggest loser & any really bad reality show - the worse the better really :)

Jill said...

Ditto on Biggest Loser (I cry my eyes out) and cute boots ;)

Liz said...

We love the Office, too! Well, we're just Thursday night TV fans in general.

Miss Pancakes said...

I have not watched any shows recently but I do love when it snows and in the home! I love cute boots and coats too!

The Bonjour Four said...

I love the biggest loser too!! it's a great show. I always get so motivated too when i watch it.

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