Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm sick.  Blah!  Thank goodness Kaia's being such a little sweetie and not too demanding right now.  Oh, and I don't have to go to school today, yay!

So far, school's going well.  I've completed two paper tests and one hands on one.  The hands on one was giving a bed bath.  Sandra, I'm sure you can appreciate that one, huh?  I really am enjoying my classes and learning something new again.  It's still overwhelming though, the sheer volume of reading to be done.  Perhaps one of the best things about going to school is it forces me to get dressed every morning in something other than sweatpants.   Plus the time until Todd comes home goes faster when I'm busy.

Want to know the worst class I'm in?  Old Testament.  Don't get me wrong, I'm as spiritual as the next girl, and, initially I was actually somewhat excited about this class for what it could teach me that, as a Christian, I should probably know better.  But, the teacher and the environment is everything.  And this class really just isn't working out for me.  But, alas, 'tis a requirement so I must soldier on.  What's the worst class you've ever taken?  Pray, do tell.  It will make me feel better.



Selby said...

Feel better! I'm so sorry you're sick! Worst class ever was a required environmental science class. It was 6-8PM Tues and Thurs and quite awful! We had to even put on those "wader" things and get in a creek! Not my type of class. Keep up the good work mama!

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

:( I hope you feel better!!

The worse class i've taken ? hmm sorry - i think i was one of those 'nerds' who liked all her classes. sorry!

I do hope it gets more fun for you.

Courtney said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Being sick and being a mom is hard enough, but throw having to go to school in there and you've got your hands full. Biology was my worst class in college. I bombed it completely. Whew. Big fat "F" on my grade sheet at the end of the semester....ouch.

Colleen said...

Khara I hope you are feeling better soon!

I remember any sort of math class driving me to tears. It still does when I think about it, which I never do so as to avoid a complete mental breakdown. :)

Good luck with everything! I think you are doing amazing!

Ameena said...

I got my one and old "C" in Bio. I realized then and there that med school was the last thing I should be considering!

Feel better soon!

Kat said...

Ahahaha...I can just imagine you being trapped in Old Testament class! If there are memorable moments, please share.

The worst class I ever took was probably Anthropology. I fell asleep every time - it was just so heinously boring. On the bright side, it was an excellent midday nap.

Get well soon, lady! Push the OJ and take care of yourself :)

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh I am so sorry your sick. That really stinks especially with school and Kaia! I will be praying for a really speedy recovery. The worst class for me was this english class at night from 6-8. I hated every minute of it and dreaded it each day!
The Old Testament can be so interesting and worth our time to learn it but like you said the teacher and the enviroment can be everything when it comes to taking a class. I will be praying the Lord will help you through it- after all it is his word! LOL!


Mandi Miller said...

I'm sorry your sick! I hope you feel better soon. Old Testament can be good when you have a good teacher! The worst class I've taken? Hmm... I'm not sure. Oh I know! In high school I had to take an Intro to Business class. It was awful because we learned how to use a calculator and write a check. Please!! I could have died of boredom!

Mamabear said...

There's an actual class on the old testament?! I would totally fail that. So sorry you're sick!!! I've been a bad bad blogger. No babysitter and a crawling baby = no time!

The Bonjour Four said...

oh no! hope you are starting to feel better!

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