Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 Month Old Baby Genius

I have decided this is what Kaia is.  She's a very clever baby, no denying it.

Her activity center/jumper from Santa has an elephant with a mirror in it.  Today, the sunshine hit it just right and cast light onto the ceiling.  Kaia realized this and was fascinated, obviously, because of the science behind it all.

Then, this evening, she laid on the floor and showed me her newest trick . . . yes y'all, she can roll her tongue!  The girl is, indeed, amazing!

I intended on waiting until Kaia was 6 months to start her on solids but I let her decide and she was ready on the 9th.  We did rice cereal for two weeks and have moved on to oatmeal (I think she prefers this option).  And soon I'll be introducing her to even more exciting tastes!

Oh, further proof of baby geniusness, she can drink out of a cup.  Not a sippy cup.  A regular, big girl cup.  She started trying to get me to let her a month ago and about a week in I let her give it a whirl.  Obviously I hold the cup, but she drinks out of it like you or I would.  And don't worry, I don't give her a lot but she gets sips of water from time to time - OK, you got me, I totally let her try my lemonade too . . .

She still hates her tummy; almost immediately on being placed on the floor she flips over to her back.  Though she loves her sides too and so rocks around that way.  She is capable of a gradual, complete 360 on the floor.  A couple of times she's rolled onto her stomach from her back; well almost, I am convinced she doesn't go all the way over because she hates being on her belly but her legs are all the way over as if she was and her torso, oh so nearly!

This has been a big month.  There was the first Thanksgiving and the first Christmas.  Skype with Daddy made it extra special. 

Her jumper is her new favorite thing.  It definitely allows her to show off her skill and athleticism.

Happy 6 months my precious angel!  Your Mommy never knew life could get this good! 



Colleen said...

Happy 6th month birthday to you beautiful and smart little angel! :) She sounds so precious and like she just fills your days with happiness! I hope that you both have a wonderful and happy new year!

Selby said...

I think you should also talk about how ridiculously CUTE Kaia is. Not only baby genius, baby beauty! Your posts about Kaia make me so excited for my little Beebs!!

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

Happy 6 months to your beautiful babe!!

SingleMamaAdventures said...

Hi I'm new to your blog and can't wait to read more about you and your baby girls adventures.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Oh my son LOVED LOVED his little baby einstein activity center thingy! He would cry if we took him out of it. Enjoy this while it lasts. If only I could put him back in that thing when I needed to get some things done rather than have him running around the house like a mad man! XO

Liz said...

Having all these big holidays and big milestones at once, really is so fun! And I think the second half of the first year is non-stop because it's one move towards independence after another!

Kat said...

That stomach thing is just hysterical - when I was a pup, I refused to crawl...go figure.

What a wonderful, sweet little girl, Khara!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

So true, this age is the BEST. I love the 6+ month stage. Enjoy every minute!

Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

Congratulations!! What a fun age she is at. She is a baby genius. I'm so glad you enjoyed this first Christmas with her and she got to skype with her daddy.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Sandra said...

I think you need to capitalize on the child's genius! And put her in gymnastics pronto, you may have the next Olympian of our time!xoxoxo

Mamabear said...

We love our jumper and exersaucer! I have one upstairs and one downstairs. It's neat to see them figuring out all of the gadgets. Baby bear also hates his tummy! The doc thinks he'll probably walk before he crawls.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Confirmed! Kaia is a genius.=)

I can't believe she's already six months old!!!

It took Cal forever to learn that cup thing. Good for Kaia.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's!

Dee S. said...

Happy 6month birthday, Kaia!! I remember when Selah was 6 months, so cute and cuddly.

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