Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weigh In

Ok, so I figure I better go ahead and Biggest Loser/Shape stat myself.  I'm not proud of these numbers nor am I trying to discourage anyone who may be at a different place than me.  I am simply attempting to hold myself accountable for where I am at and where I want to be.  I will not bore readers with daily stats but I will likely post progress, or lack thereof, at least once a week until goal achievement.  I've read that those who begin a fitness program with a partner tend to see better results because someone else is relying on her.  By reading, you are now my fitness partners and I am accountable to you.

Weight: 117lbs
Body Fat %: 20.4

While this may sound acceptable to some readers, and it is, according to health professionals, I am uncomfortable at this point based on where I came from.  I am completely happy with my weight.  I am not trying to lose weight.  I am trying to lower my body fat, tone my body, and increase my performance.  Mainly, I do not want to look down at my stomach and see it folded over my pants/underpants.  I would also love to not feel so exhausted and lackadaisical.

I ran this evening - or should I say jogged.  I believe it was approximately 3 miles at approximately 10 minute miles.  My running goals: steadily increase my mileage and work towards marathon distance and increase my short(er) distance mileage pace to 7 minute miles (or slightly less).

I also did push-ups and sit-ups (I'm sure some of you are seeing a pattern here - no matter what my personal goals are, unfortunately, I still have to pass a PT test as well).  I did 15 push-ups (I probably could have squeezed out another five with decent form but was not up to the challenge).  I quit on the sit-ups after 40.  Considering I use to do over 80 in two minutes this is a significant decrease in performance.  My push-up goal: 46 in two minutes.  My sit-up goal: 80 in two minutes.

More general fitness goals also include: making it to the gym or working out at home at least 5x a week for at least 30 minutes.  Try a spin class.  Swim laps at least 1x per week.  Begin weight lifting (in some form) at least 2x per week.  Take Kaia for more walks.  Drink more water and choose healthier snacks.


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