Friday, September 24, 2010

One Hot Mamma

Chronologically, I guess the first important step towards the creation of this blog was my own mother.  She was adamant about activity, namely our activity (the kids).  And so the love of fitness began!  But, the most important step towards this blog is brand new, less than three months brand new, and oh so beautiful, Kaia.

I kept up my fitness so well throughout my pregnancy, even running, up to a few days before labor.  Then, bam! beautiful baby, no sleep, and joyful insanity ensued.  Mamma's fitness train was derailed.  Unless of course you count baby carrying as weight lifting and walk-bouncing baby cardio.  Oh, I did delude myself that it was . . . until I was forced to run two miles two weekends ago.  My legs have never felt so heavy!  And the air!  I could have sworn you could cut it with a knife.

I miss the ease with which I used to run.  I miss the bliss that is running out in a warm rain or the delight of passing all the out of breath boys by.  So now, with gym membership and baby jogger in hand, my journey back begins.  Goal: one hot mamma!


Anastasia said...

Just read through all your archives. As you can tell by my many random comments! Enjoyed it and looking forward to more.

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