Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hi Baby Mamma Chronicle Followers, Kaia here.  Mom said since it's my three month birthday today I could do the post.  I thought I'd share a list of my favorite things with you all.

1.  Being held by someone standing up
2.  Bouncing
3.  Walking or jogging
4.  Silly sounds
5.  Making Mommy and Daddy look silly trying to make me happy
6.  The sounds animals make
7.  Music
8.  Did I mention bouncing?
9.  Lights and pictures projected on the ceiling
10.Sitting up by myself on the couch or in my swing
12.Talking on the phone - especially to Grandma
13.My Bjorn
15.Staying up late
16.Mommy and Daddy

I will also list a few things I detest:

1.  Sitting on anyone's lap unless eating or sleeping
2.  Sleeping
3.  Tummy Time
4.  Half of the things Mommy and Daddy bought for me like my play crib, real crib, and bassinet

You'll also be excited to know that I am now 12lbs and am too big for most of my 0-3 months clothes now and am getting ready for size 2 diapers.  I started laughing for the first time on September 22nd while I helped Daddy play wii tennis.  On the same day Mommy started me on the Your Baby Can Read program. Right now I'm not that into it but I'll let you know if my mind changes.  I went swimming for the first time on September 24th and was such a big girl in the pool.  I'm growing so fast Mommy can hardly believe it.  I'm sure that I'll be back before you know it giving you another update.



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